Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Materi Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris

1)    Present Tense
·       S+V1+Object
·       Present Tense:
a.     Fact
Ex: I study in Uhamka
b.     Habit
Ex: I always study in Uhamka
·       Auxilary Verb:
Ex: Do       I don’t study English but I study Arabic

2)    Past Tense
·       S+V2+Object+Adverb
Ex: You came here last Thursday
      You studied Religion
      You went home at 3 o’clock
      You arrived at home at 5 o’clock
3)    Perfect Tense
·       S+have/has+V3+Object
Ex: You have reed novel
      I have had lunch

4)    Progresive Tense
·       S+to be+Ving+Object
Ex: You are studying English
      I am standing in front

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